How it will work from Thursday 1st October

Below is an idea of how it is going to have to be for the foreseeable future.  Please don’t think that we are being dictatorial or power crazy.  We are following government guidelines to provide you, your family and friends a safe environment to socialise and get together.  As guidelines change so will we.  Please bear with us.

It is difficult but please realise we are operating a 3-strikes and out policy.  If you breach any of the new rules, we will unfortunately have to ask you to leave.  This is for your own good as the penalty for failure to comply is up to £200 for any individual or £1000 for the venue.  Police, licencing and environmental health can access CCTV footage at any point as proof of non-compliance.  Just thought you had better know!!

If you are not sure – ask Mick or Mark

Before you get your first drink!

The Club will be open

Monday               Closed

Tuesday               Closed

Wednesday        Closed

Thursday             6pm – 10pm (Last orders 9.30pm)

Friday                    2pm to 10pm (last orders 9.15pm)

Saturday              12pm – 10pm (last orders 9.15pm)

  • Sunday 12pm – 9.30pm (last orders 9pm)
  • You can only come with up to 6 people who are family or in your social bubble. The rule of 6 includes children of all ages.
  • U18 will not be allowed on site without a responsible adult
  • Entry to the club will be via the Main entrance. A mask must be worn at all times whilst in the venue apart from when you are sat down
  • You will be asked to sign in via the NHS QR poster or on our track and trace sheet
  • You will be shown to a table either in the Main Hall, the members bar, the Butler Suite or outside
  • There will be no access to the bar at any time
  • You can order a drink in one of 3 ways
  1. Using the call button on their table
  2. Use the Find My Local website
  3. By attracting the attention of a waiter
  • All drinks to be delivered and payment should be made at the table.
  • Drinks can be paid for by card or cash but contactless is the preferred method



  • All toilets will be available for use but a mask must be worn during your visit
  • Baby change is now in the disabled toilet


  • There is no exit for smoking via the front door. Smokers please exit via the doors in the butler suite.  Please use the ashtrays and bins provided.  A mask must be worn at all times until outside and sat down.  You cannot stand and smoke in the permitted licenced area

Outside drinking

Drinking is only permissible in the designated licenced area.  When accessing this area, you must wear a mask.  If no seat is available you must return to a seat inside

The field and Food area. 

This can be accessed via the gateway near the field.  You do not need to wear a mask whilst on the field or ordering at the food outlet.


Pool table – we are able to use the pool table but only 2 people at a time and a mask MUST be worn when playing.  When not playing you should remain seated

Please use the hand sanitiser station before and after a game

Fruit machines – These are now in the Butler Suite.  You are allowed to play them but must be seated at all times

Darts – We are able to play darts but only in the evening and if enough space is available.  Please ask Mark if he is happy for you to play

You must have your own darts and wear a mask when playing

You must remain seated at all times when not throwing

The rooms

Members Lounge will be over 18’s only from 12pm to 6pm on  Saturday and Sunday. The reason for this is to allow our older members the chance to have a drink and a meet in a quieter safer environment

The Main Hall will be for all and will feature sport and live music  Again, no standing and please refrain from shouting at the screen when your team is playing!!

Butler Suite will be available for all.  We are looking to make this a family room going forward

Outside seating area will be available for all

The field will be available for all to use.

General Behaviour

Please be aware of social distancing at all times.  Please respect the space of others

I have asked my staff not to engage in conversations with customers when serving or clearing tables.  They are not being rude, they are looking after themselves and you!

Glass collecting – we will do this for you

Language – please be aware that we have children and neighbours.  Please refrain from bad language especially when in an area that has children in it.  Similarly, when outside, please respect that our neighbours are entitled to a quiet life too!