How it will work

We all know that since we last met there has been a major change to our lives.  Below is an idea of how it is going to have to be for the foreseeable future.  Please don’t think that we are being dictatorial or power crazy.  We are following government guidelines to provide you, your family and friends a safe environment to socialise and get together.  As guidelines change so will we.  Please bear with us.

If you are not sure – ask me or Mark

Before you get your first drink!

  • The bar will be open from Saturday 12pm – 10pm and Sunday 12pm to 7pm
  • The site will be limited to 200 people at any one time
  • The only access will be via Diamond Place. All other entry points will be closed to ensure we are aware of how many people are on site at any one time
  • Cars will be limited to members only and only a certain amount of spaces will be available. Where possible we are asking people to walk or cycle.
  • You will need to book on-line to ensure you can get on site. This is part of the track and trace procedure we have introduced as per government guidelines.  CLICK HERE to reserve your tickets.  If you struggle with this then email
  • You can only come with up to 6 people who are family or in your social bubble
  • U18 will not be allowed on site without a responsible adult


Welcome back!

  • Entry to the club will be via the Butler Suite door.
  • There will be strict flow of people. Please follow the signs
  • You will be able to order your drink at the two bars. The Butler Suite bar and the members bar.  Your drinks will be then poured and delivered to a service point in the main hall.
  • There will be no standing at the bar apart from when placing an order.
  • Only one person to order the drinks
  • Drinks can be paid for by card or cash but contactless is the preferred method
  • Should you require access via the disabled ramp, please inform a member of staff and you will be allowed to use the front ramp otherwise the front door to the club must remain closed



  • Ladies will be in the front entrance corridor. The men’s toilets here are closed for refurbishment currently
  • Gents will be in the Butler Suite and the changing rooms if necessary.
  • Baby change is now in the disabled toilet



  • There is no exit for smoking via the front door. Smokers please exit via the Patio doors in the butler suite.  Please use the ashtrays and bins provided


Outside drinking

If you wish to go outside you will be asked to use plastic glasses.  If you know you are going to be drinking outside please tell the staff when ordering.  Plastic glasses will be available at the exit point in the Butler suite


We have a range of food available on the day. All day breakfasts, burgers, pizzas.  Plus, we have an ice cream outlet for the kids.  Please support your club and buy food from the outlets.  You will not be allowed to bring food or drink onto the site


Pool table – we are not able to use the pool table until further guidelines are released.  Sorry

Fruit machines – These will hopefully be up and running but sanitiser for cleaning and hand gel will be provided

Darts – Again we have taken the decision not to allow darts until further guidelines are released

Premiership football

We have installed the largest screen in Bournemouth in the main hall for you to watch the programme of sport planned.  Tables will be allocated on a first come first served basis and people will not be able to stand in the main hall when the game is on.

The rooms

Members Lounge will be over 18’s only. There will be no standing allowed in this area unless queuing to order a drink

The Main Hall will be for all, however, please ensure you socially distance and only sit at a table with people from your family and social bubble.  Again, no standing and please refrain from shouting at the screen when your team is playing!!

Butler Suite will be available for all.  We are looking to make this a family room going forward

Outside seating area will be available for all

The field will be available for all to use.

General Behaviour

Please be aware of social distancing at all times.  Please respect the space of others

I have asked my staff not to engage in conversations with customers at the bar or when clearing tables.  They are not being rude, they are looking after themselves and you!

Glass collecting.  If possible can glasses be returned to the new bar area in the Main Hall when used.

Language – please be aware that we have children and neighbours.  Please refrain from bad language especially when in an area that has children in it.  Similarly, when outside, please respect that our neighbours are entitled to a quiet life too!